Seeing the Southern Cross from Tulum

I had an amazingly satisfying SN related experience recently: I was down in Tulum Mexico. My friend had, for reasons that I still do not understand, brought his laptop to this totally off the grid palapa / hut on the beach.  

We fired up Starry Night and were able to verify that what I was seeing low on the southern horizon was actually the Southern Cross! It was my first time ever seeing this super-cool asterism.

And I was able to see both the cross and Polaris at the same time, which freaked me out - I would think you couldn't do that. But I guess the Southern Cross is not really at the South Pole -- it circles it widely enough that we could see it even though we were still at 20 degrees north.  As Starry Night showed us quite clearly.

Anyway, it turned out to be very cool to have a planetarium program at the beach, and now I am thinking about which small scope might make sense to bring next time.