My kids are really excited to go camping this weekend.  Not because of the birds and animals, plants and trees, the rocks, the beautiful lake, the different sounds, dad’s barbeque or the activities we have planned.  Instead they are full of anticipation for this Sunday’s “supermoon”.  

I told them about the supermoon last week while casually checking out the moon with the naked eye.  The name brought on curious looks of suspicion – is dad pulling our leg? I mean you put anything with a “super” in front of a word and kids will think its some type of character with superhuman powers.  After reassuring my 3 year old that the supermoon was indeed a “good guy”, I tried to explain that the supermoon was simply the largest full moon of the year.  

For us older folk, a supermoon is a full moon that occurs at the same time the moon is at perigee (point closest to Earth in it’s orbit).  At these times the moon can appear up to 30% brighter and 14 percent bigger to us here on Earth. Sunday’s supermoon will be the largest full moon of 2013. 

Take a moment to share the supermoon with others this Sunday and If you take any photos - cape and all  – we’d love to see them!