Your favourite space mission

One of my favourite features of Starry Night is its large database of space mission data. Sometimes I just like to position myself near Cassini spacecraft and replay its visually stunning passage through Saturn's rings. The view is breathtaking and the idea that humans have actually built a spacecraft which has done this exact thing is mind boggling.

Other times I look at the entire space mission path of Voyager missions, admiring the engineering and planning marvel that led to well used gravitational slingshots. A simple curved line becomes exciting when you put it in its proper context.

Yet, these space missions, almost entirely forgotten, still give us valuable insight about what lies in unfamiliar regions of the solar system. The latest information coming from Voyager 1, currently the furthest man-made object, presents some new questions about the edge of the solar system and the effects playing out there.

What is your favourite space mission? Do you use Starry Night to replay it? How can we make the experience more enjoyable or the information more readily available?

Cassini doing what it does best